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Chairman & CEO Message

Mr. Ahmed Mohiuddin

Chairman & Managing Director

The Group Delta

Two Decades of Trust

✓ The globalised market of today has ushered in the age of free trade between nations. This has erased boundaries and eliminated barriers to facilitate free flow of goods and services across distinct economic zones. As a result the transport sector has undergone massive expansion, thereby posing opportunities as well as challenges to the logistics service providers.

✓ We at The Group Delta are among the elite shipping and logistics service providers in India to have effectively responded to this emerging scenario with continuous innovation in our services to efficiently address the needs of tomorrow.

✓ Spurred by its success in shipping and logistics, The Group Delta has over the years diversified its business portfolio to embrace new sectors like construction and infrastructure development, where too it has proved its mettle with successful projects and ventures. The group also has established an overseas presence through its Dubai-based subsidiary which is engaged in freight forwarding services for land, sea and air cargo.

✓ The Group Delta is among the most trusted names in the business, having attained leadership in its various spheres of operations through continuous growth and a proven track record of optimum customer satisfaction. We take pleasure in welcoming you to our fold and to offer you our services with our halmark qualities of reliability, commitment, highest degree of business ethics and timeless values.

Message from CEO

Delta Group is the leading shipping & logistics services provider in India with 36 years of in-depth knowledge & experience in handling mega Govt & corporate projects successfully.

We, at Delta Infra Global Logistics, offer a convenient layout of standard freight management services, including all possible routes i.e., Air, Sea and Road to balance urgency and cost -effectiveness for your regular shipments. Being a fully integrated service provider, we are able to offer our customers all the services they require under one umbrella,

I personally stand behind each of our job &project assigned to us and firmly committed to our client’s success — and our success will naturally follow. We provide a cost-effective solution to meet every need of our client and update them at every stage of the shipment.

As an organization, we have always believed in the importance of communication& team work, so we have ensured through this website that the information’s are up-to-date and informative. As a matter of fact, this recognizes our efforts in strongly linking our corporate vision to our business goals.

Mohammed Shahzeer
Delta Infra Global Logistics Services Co