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FAQ - Duty Exemption materials

FAQ – Duty Exemption

What is the validity of items registered under duty exemption permit?

Validity will be one year from the date of duty exemption issued by the Ministry to the consignee.

Which type of products or spare parts or machinery qualify under exemption category?

There is no specific type of the products. if the company is in diary or juice manufacturing business, then all the animal feeds, raw materials, Ingredient’s, Machineries & Spare Parts are qualified for exemption. All these activities must be included in the CR under importer's approved business activities. Ministry has the right to change or amend the list of exempted list of items any time.

Can we instruct supplier to avoid mentioning HS code on the commercial invoice & other shipping documents?

It is not mandatory to mention the HS code in the commercial invoice & other shipping documents.

Not mentioning HS code in the invoice is against Saudi customs laws or does it liable for any penalty if caught?

No, it's not against the Saudi Customs laws.

If customs change any HS code for the items already approved under existing exemption permit and we request customs to do the study and finalized as duty exemption.

The importer has the right to request a study of the shipped item HS code by the concerned department if the HS code has been changed by the customs inspection group

Item cleared under payment of customs duty deposit due to HS code issue will be refunded later in how many days or months by customs
after completing the study at customs HQ

It's will take from one to three months to give decision and process refund to the consignee.

Who is responsible to follow up the duty refund from customs and how long it takes?

Consignee can follow up for duty refund with the customs authority or Ministry of Finance thru official request letter or thru the importer's representative or the customs clearing agent.

Above information is only a guideline to consignee and it is not a legal documents Delta Logistics is not responsible if any rules of procedure in duty exemption is changed by the authority

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