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Guidelines to Shipping Documents

Delta Guidelines to Shipping Documents for Smooth Clearance

The purpose of this shipping instruction is to inform shipper/consignee about our requirements and the standards we expect them to follow on all inbound freight shipments.

It is designed to be simple, easily understood, practical guide to allow a smooth flow of materials between shipper and Delta.

Not following these mandatory instructions may lead to delay in clearance, which would in turn have negative impact and additional unnecessary costs, resulting from any noncompliance.

General Shipping Instruction

After receiving cargo details from shipper, an appropriate service provided details will be advised to shipper by Delta freight team.

Shipper to establish contact with the service provider provided by Delta freight team.

Shipper to provide cargo collection schedule min 2 weeks in advance to Delta to look for suitable vessel with space and equipment’s availability and using PO delivery dates as a reference and suitably working backwards to make the shipments available to meet the loading dates.

Freight forwarder to arrange for suitable booking and provide containers to shipper as per cargo collection schedule and communicate the actions with shipper/customer and Delta Operations Team.

Understand from service providers “Shipping lines/Freight Forwarder” the procedure for booking a shipment (in case shipper is not aware of the process) and any other procedure related to shipping of the consignment.

Service provider in coordination with shipper to arrange for necessary bookings as per PO delivery dates.

Shipper to issue SLI (Shipment letter of Instruction) to Freight Forwarder.

Upon receiving booking details, verify the details corresponding are matching with original booking request.

Shipper to check below points while receiving and loading cargo into the container. If shipper deems container is unfit, service provider to replace the container.

Inspect the container by conducting an external and an internal inspection.

Inspect the interior of the container for:
  • Live insect pests in residues, on the structure of the container, any residue infectible by insects.
  • Any contaminants including but not limited to soil, odors, moisture, transferable oil residues and flaking rust/paint.
  • Vermin carcasses and/or their waste o Correct cargo is loaded into container. o Cargo is properly stowed, and Package count is correct. o Colour photographs are taken of loading pattern, cargo, and container. o Temperature setting is correct and Refrigeration unit is operational.
  • Container is cooled to desired loading temperature.
  • Portable temperature recorders are started, marked with their location, placed at correct locations in the load, make and identification numbers, start time, date are recorded. o Ensure container doors are properly closed and sealed once loading is over.
Inspect the exterior of the container:
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  • Doorways, corner castings, discharge chutes, doors, locking cams, door locks areas around door seal.
  • Security seal is properly attached to rear door of container.
  • Security seal number is recorded and is properly attached to rear door of container.
  • Verify temperature with transporter, before and after loading.
  • Generator is operating.
  • Thermostat is set to correct temperature.

If documentation changes (like change in container type, temp, size no.s etc.) are required then special arrangements must be in place and should be done in coordination with the service provider.

Shipper to settle the local charges with service provider wherever applicable as soon as vessel sails in order to avoid any problem for Delta in collecting D/o.

Any delay in releasing OMBL or issuing of D/O caused due to shipper delay or error, shipper to compensate for the days delayed.

Guideline to Shipping Documents

Following shipping documents and products certificates are required for clearance of shipment at Saudi Ports and Airports depending on the nature /specification of products shipped by shipper.

  • Bill of Lading 2 Original Issued by Shipping Line
  • Commercial Invoice 1 Original attested by origin Chamber of Commerce
  • Certificate of Origin 1 Original issued & attested by Chamber of Commerce.
  • Packing List 1 Original
  • Export Declaration 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority
  • Certificate of Analysis 1 Original issued by Manufacturer.
  • Health Certificate 1 Original issued attested by Competent Authority
  • Pesticide Residue Test 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • Halal Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • Dioxin Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • GMO Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority
  • Phytosanitary Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • BSE Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • SASO (Intertek) Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Intertek.
  • Food/Migration Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • Certificate of Conformity 1 Original issued & attested by Competent Authority.
  • Insurance Certificate 1 Original issued & attested by Insurance Company

Consignee Name -
Please ensure to have the correct consignee’s name as mentioned on our Purchase order otherwise Saudi Customs will reject clearance if the Consignee name is not matching on all shipping documents.

Import Permit & DG Permit -
Please ensure to have the copy of Import Permit and Dangerous Goods landing permit for all the restricted materials & chemical prior to booking and shipping to Saudi Arabia. Customer will be responsible for all consequence if shipped without valid permit.

Certificate of Analysis – Please ensure to send the COA for all the Batch # shipped in the containers.

B/L & COO - Please ensure to mention the gross weight on Cert. of origin same as matching with the bill of lading.

Please send the copy documents for our verification to Operations , after confirmation from our documentation team, you can then proceed for legalization to avoid any incorrect information.

Please advise us the Courier tracking number in return email, once all the legalized documents are sent to below address. Kindly ensure that original documents and BL should reach us 5-10 days prior to arrival of cargo.

Delta Infra Global Logistics Services Co.
Marina Center, Floor # 6, Office # 11,
King Faisal Road, Khalidiya South,
Dammam 32221, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Delta will update time and again if there is any new regulation announced by the Saudi authority concerning to shipping and customs clearance.

Any deviation from the above points should be duly escalated to Delta Operations team.

For any clarification please contact 920010804 or or